Jezuite history

History of Dubrovnik


Jesuits’ Staircase

Follow the baroque stairs, built in the image of the Spanish ones, to the Boškovićeva poljana. This stately edifice, envisioned in 1738 by a roman architect Pietro Passalacqua, draws the attention of people from around the world. Jesuits' Staircase reflects the modern attitude to and interpretation of the architecture and urban planning consciously for that part of the Old Town that was also meant to emphasize the prominent position of the Jesuit College and church. It is a paragon of architecture and construction that leaves no one indifferent. These steps lead to Gundulićeva poljana or Boškovićeva poljana, and thus to the Konoba Jezuite.


Church of St. Ignatius

Church of St. Ignatius, or Jezuite as it is referred to in Dubrovnik, is devoted to St. Ignatius de Loyola who founded the Jesuit (the Society of Jesus) religious order. The church itself has been built according to the plans made by a Jesuit painter and architect, Andrea Pozzo. The front of the church dominates the Boškovićeva poljana (square). Alongside it, it is essential to highlight the frescoes on the vault painted by the Sicilian master of Spanish origin, Gaetano Garzia. Because of its acoustic features, the church serves as one of the most exclusive concert venues in the city.


Saint Blaise

Patron saint that holds a special place in Dubrovnik. The 3rd of February is the Day of St. Blaise, the day that Dubrovnik gives thanks to the saint who saved their city, every year since 972. The importance of St. Blaise is evident all-around Dubrovnik. Statues portraying him can be found on every fort and tower in Dubrovnik, on the inner and outer side, at the entrances to the city, as well as the buildings. The image of St. Blaise is incorporated into the Dubrovnik Republic flag, as well as the signet and local currency. UNESCO officially recognized the thousand years-long tradition of the Festivity of Saint Blaise as an example of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2009.

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